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At Signature Smiles Dental we are the helping hand to help you overcome Dental Fear and jump over the anxiety barrier to finally regain self confidence and enjoy your daily social life. If you have a fear of the dentist you’re not alone. Tens of millions of Americans share the same condition. Most of them aren’t fortunate enough to live near Signature Smiles Dental like you do. We offer a unique combination of advantages that will enable you to leave your fears at the door: Extensively trained doctors, comprehensive care offering multiple sedation options, thousands of dental implants placed, minimally invasive tools and techniques, flexible financing options, convenient hours, welcoming atmosphere at both of our locations, and exclusive guarantees. We approach you with understanding, not judgment. You won’t find a more compassionate dentist in Streetsboro, Elyria, and Brunswick, OH. Nor will you find a practice that’s as obsessed with providing outstanding service as we are.

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Sedation Dentistry

With our sedation options, you can completely relax during your visits. In fact, some of them—oral sedation and IV sedation—allow you to sleep right through your treatment.

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General Dentistry

We provide comprehensive services to help you avoid dental health problems, and to help you overcome them when they happen. Everything from cavities to teeth grinding.

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Signature Fit Dentures

At last, dentures that give you true peace of mind! Supported by dental implants, Signature Fit Dentures stay securely in place when you want them to and come out when you want them to.

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