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Are damaged teeth or gaps in your smile making you self-conscious? Smile with complete confidence again! Dental crowns and dental bridges are an affordable, effective way to reclaim the function and esthetics of damaged or missing teeth. Our team can customize crowns and bridges that fit you flawlessly and seamlessly match the color of neighboring teeth—we guarantee them for five years. Driven by postgraduate training in cosmetic dentistry, we will help you regain your bite and your smile. You’ll never have to feel embarrassed about it again. Come to Signature Smiles Dental, the authority in dental bridges and dental crowns in Streetsboro, Elyria, and Brunswick, OH.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are a durable artificial substitute for the visible part of your teeth. You may be in need of a crown if the roots underneath are strong and healthy, but the visible part above the gums needs either support functionally or aesthetically. Made from durable materials, dental crowns look just like natural teeth and will hold firmly in place after we painlessly attach them to the top of your teeth. That’s why they’re sometimes called “caps.” Dental crowns perform many invaluable functions, including:

  • Fixing weakened/damaged teeth
  • Reinforcing teeth after a root canal
  • Restoring worn or warped teeth
  • Completing a smile makeover
  • Topping a dental implant
  • Diastma closure with crowns
  • Dental implants & crowns

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are made up of a row of dental crowns that “bridge” the gap created by lost or extracted teeth. Using the healthy teeth at each end of the row as their anchors, dental bridges can give you back biting and chewing power in that part of your mouth. You won’t have to eat on one side anymore! We remove some enamel from your teeth before attaching a final bridge. 

Benefits bridges offer
  • Replace a missing tooth
  • Stabilizing adjoining teeth
  • Safeguarding your natural teeth
  • Providing a strong, aligned bite
  • Completing a smile makeover

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