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The End of Tooth Pain

Gentle, Fear-Free Tooth Removal

When you experience pain from an infected tooth or an impacted wisdom tooth, it can be overwhelming. We can end your tooth pain and reestablish your dental health—and a normal, comfortable life. At Signature Smiles Dental, we’re exceptionally skilled in extracting teeth. Our team is empowered by oral surgery training from renowned educational institutions. We always first attempt to preserve a natural tooth. If we determine your tooth can’t be saved, only then will we recommend extraction. With our combination of expertise and sedation, we’re the practice to rely on for pain- and fear-free tooth extractions in Streetsboro, Elyria, and Brunswick, OH.

Anesthesia is key to making extractions comfortable and anxiety-free. Our practice is equipped with an extensive range of sedation options. Using IV sedation or oral sedation, we can put you in a sleeplike state for the entire extraction. You won’t be aware of the procedure or feel anything while it’s happening, nor will you remember it afterward. We also offer nitrous oxide—you may have heard this called “laughing gas”—which keeps you alert but completely relaxed for the duration of your procedure. We administer this through a mask at the beginning of the treatment and can end its effects quickly afterward.

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Why You May Need a Tooth Pulled

  • Persistent or intense tooth pain
  • Swelling or discharge around a tooth
  • A rotten tooth or broken tooth
  • Impacted wisdom teeth
  • Advanced gum disease
  • Preparation for dental implants

types of Tooth Extracions

General Tooth Extractions
We provide gentle extractions of unsalvageable adult teeth. As part of this treatment, we can perform bone grafting to prevent bone loss in the empty socket. We’ll also discuss your tooth replacement options. Your jawbone can deteriorate when it doesn’t have a full set of teeth to support, so this is crucial. Dental implants are a long-lasting solution that looks and functions just like real teeth. What’s more, you can usually get an implant the same day as a tooth extraction!
Wisdom Tooth Removal
Also known as 3rd molars, your wisdom teeth usually erupt in your late teens. If they fail to break through the gums, or don’t come in properly, they can cause significant pain as well as complications with adjacent healthy teeth. Unlike other adult teeth, wisdom teeth don’t need to be replaced after they’ve been removed.

Tooth extraction aftercare

Once you’ve had any tooth extracted, you must be careful with the extraction site—especially if you’re not replacing the tooth. During healing, the empty tooth socket will usually develop a blood clot. If this protective layer doesn’t form or becomes dislodged, you may be facing a very painful complication. Dry socket occurs when the nerves and bone beneath an extraction site become exposed. To prevent this, follow all of the doctor’s post-care instructions. This includes not rinsing the area immediately, not using a straw to drink, and avoiding certain foods. With our skill and guidance, tooth extractions in Streetsboro, Elyria, and Brunswick, OH can be efficient and painless. We offer convenient evening and weekend hours for easy consultation scheduling. Find out if a tooth extraction will end your tooth pain!

Never Fear an Extraction!

If you need one, we’ll do it the right way.