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Complete Confidence, No Fear

Unsurpassed Expertise in Restoring Smiles

When your smile’s gone, your confidence and your quality of life follow. Having few, or no healthy teeth left makes eating and speaking difficult and embarrassing. No matter what condition your mouth is in, we can restore it with full mouth dental implants—completely judgment-free. Dental implants replace lost or decayed teeth with long-lasting, fully functional, and beautiful artificial teeth. With them, the Signature Smiles Dental team has provided hope for patients who’ve been turned away by other practices. Don’t give up—come to us for full mouth dental implants in Streetsboro, Elyria, and Brunswick, OH.

Many general dentists provide dental implants. Some only restore them. We place and restore right here in our office for your convenience. What’s more, we do both powered by extensive and prestigious training. Our credentials include education from the most recognized implant training institutions: Misch International Implant Institute, the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, Spear Education, and the Pikos Institute. Our acclaimed VIP Team has placed over 2,000 dental implants, allowing those patients to fully enjoy life again—and providing a secure fit no conventional denture can. We’ve also guaranteed that work in a variety of ways exclusive to our practice.

Results Backed by Guarantees

When you truly believe in what you do, you should back your work up. This advantage sets us apart. Actually, FOUR advantages. Our Anxiety-Free Guarantee says you’ll remain completely relaxed during your treatment; our 5-year Clinical Guarantee ensures that your implants won’t fracture or fail; our Smile Approval Guarantee means you’ll love what we do to your smile; and the Steak Challenge Guarantee means you’ll be able to eat a steak comfortably with your new teeth or we’ll fix them. We offer identical guarantees for our Signature Fit Dentures full mouth solution. Ask any other practice if they offer something comparable. They don’t!

Perfect Teeth in Three Phases

We Make Amazing Smiles Affordable

Full mouth dental implants start at $26,000 per arch. That price is all-inclusive, which means you get the implant bridges placed, IV sedation, tooth extractions, and bone grafting. We fully realize that a majority of our patients aren’t able to pay all at once. Our goal is to make full mouth dental implants in Streetsboro, Elyria, and Brunswick, OH attainable for all who need them. We’ve enlisted the services of leading third-party financing companies to offer flexible recurring payment options. In addition, we offer in-house financing for major cases. Either way, the life-changing benefits of dental implants can be yours.

There’s Hope for Your Smile

Full mouth dental implants will change your life!