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Signature Smiles Dental is a family-owned practice guided by two brothers and a sister, all highly credentialed doctors with a passion for dentistry. As such, we have a deeper understanding of dentistry and family than many general dentists. We’re empowered with training including nonrequired residencies and supplemental education beyond dental school. Our team is dedicated to protecting your family’s complete dental health with services from routine dental exams to complex, technology-driven treatment. Everything you need to live a happier, healthier life. With our exceptional skills, minimally invasive tools, and convenient evening and weekend hours, we’re your choice for general dentistry in Streetsboro and Elyria, OH.

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Like all of the services we offer here, these are guaranteed to be 100% anxiety-free and judgment-free.

Preventive Dentistry
With proper dental hygiene practices—brushing and flossing as recommended—you can be your own best dentist. We help with the rest through regularly scheduled exams. During these we can identify any potential problems and treat them promptly. Ongoing cleanings are a must, and our gum therapists have a gift for making teeth shine. If needed, we can provide fillings and sealants to restore the strength and health of your teeth.
Your frenula are those slender tissues that connect your upper lip to your upper gums and your tongue to the bottom of your mouth. If these tissues are too short, they can restrict movement, making eating and speaking difficult. We can remove these problem tissues to give your mouth full freedom of movement.
Composite Fillings
We know that looking good is part of what makes you feel good. For cavities, we choose composite fillings because they address both the functional and esthetic aspects of your teeth. They reinforce your tooth, leave it infection-free, and preserve a seamless appearance in your smile. Composite fillings match your tooth color, so they won’t show through the enamel. We guarantee their durability for three years!
Teeth Grinding Treatment
If you grind your teeth, whether consciously or not, you can eventually wear down the enamel and even develop temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders. We can relieve your discomfort and prevent additional complications of teeth grinding, also called bruxism, with a dental deprogrammer. This retainer-like appliance helps your jaw relax and reposition itself. You wear it for several weeks, removing it only when you need to eat or brush and floss your teeth.
Root Canal Treatment
When a tooth is infected down to the roots and a standard filling is inadequate, our team can repair and save your tooth instead of extracting it. With root canals, or nerve infection therapy, we remove the infected living tissue—nerves and blood vessels—by going through the crown. We then reinforce the inside of the tooth with a specially made material and top the treated tooth with a new crown, if necessary. You’ll retain your natural tooth and regain pain-free functioning!

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