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Dental anxiety is a common condition. In fact, tens of millions of Americans suffer from it. While the cause and severity can vary, fear of sharp instruments or of the unknown are common drivers of dental anxiety. Prior bad experiences at a dentist’s office are also a typical factor. Cost of care can even figure into patient fears. Signature Smiles Dental has introduced a new approach to conquering dental anxiety in Streetsboro, Elyria, and Brunswick, OH. We guarantee that you’ll overcome your fears in less than one day. We’re that certain. You won’t find anything else like it anywhere else.

How do we do it? With understanding doctors who know how to treat you and never judge you. Having developed expertise through top dental education institutions and years of experience, we successfully handle “big problem” cases every day. We can completely reverse even terminal dentition—having no healthy teeth left. What else is different about us? A variety of sedation options that eliminate pain and enable you to sleep through treatment. Minimally invasive dental technology that allows for quicker, more comfortable procedures and takes sharp instruments out of the equation. We’re here to remove barriers and change your life for the better!

How We Defeat
Dental Anxiety

  • Exceptionally trained doctors
  • A variety of sedation options for pain-free procedures
  • A judgment-free, compassionate approach
  • Minimally invasive dental technology
  • Multiple ways to finance treatment

Dangers of Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety isn’t just scary—it’s dangerous. If fear causes you to avoid visits to the dentist, you’re not getting the complete preventive care you need, no matter how well or often you brush and floss your teeth. You may have unusual symptoms but choose to ignore them because you don’t wish to seek treatment. When this happens, you may be letting a minor dental issue turn into a major dental issue—and possibly a systemic health issue beyond that. With our extraordinary team and all the advantages we offer, there’s no reason to suffer even one more day of dental anxiety in Streetsboro, Elyria, and Brunswick, OH.

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