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Financial Options for Uninsured or Underinsured Patients

No insurance? Don’t worry!

At Signature Smiles Dental, we make dental care affordable so you can see our dentists even without insurance. Our dental discount plan gives you big discounts on all types of dental care. Call us for details!


Plans for Individuals

Enrollment is $199 for individuals, and with this enrollment you will get all your exams, cleanings, and X-rays covered. Plus, you get a 25% discount on any service.

Plans for Families

We have plans for families of 2, 3, and 4. The enrollment cost varies by the size of your family, and covers you for the entire year.

Discounts on any service

Whichever plan you enroll in, you’ll get a 25% discount on any service. Our plans also include 2 free exams, 2 free cleanings, 2 emergency exams, and any needed X-rays.

Need a Dentist but Don’t Have Insurance?

Anyone can enroll in our Dental Savers Plan. Whether you’re uninsured, or underinsured, we have discounts and flexible financing options to help you afford the dental care you need.

With the Dental Savers Plan, all you do is pay the annual enrollment fee, which varies depending on how many people you are covering, and each member gets free cleanings, exams, X-rays, and everything anyone needs for preventive care to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Preventive care, such as the services included in our DSP, is essential for preventing dental problems such as cavities, gum disease, and tooth decay. Most major dental work can be prevented with routine check-ups and cleanings.

Our dental
savers plan includes:

How Much Money Can You Save
with Our Dental Discount Plan?

You can enroll in our Dental Savers Plan at any time. If you need advanced dental care, we believe you’ll like our savings! With enrollment, you get all of your preventive services covered, plus, you can save hundreds of dollars on restorative care. Below we list just a few of our services and their out-of-pocket costs compared to your savings with our savers plan. Look at the chart below to see an example of how much you can save on our services.v

Save Money With the Dental Savers Plan!

Patient Exam$91$0
Regular Cleaning$93$0
Full-Mouth X-Rays$136$0
2 Surface White Filling$242$181
Porcelain Crown$1,175$750
Surgical Extraction$287$215
2 Implant Denture Stabilization $5,000$2,499

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