Do Root Canals Hurt?

If you're worried about an upcoming root canal treatment, read our blog post to put your mind at ease. This procedure is nearly painless.

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Brunette woman in the dental chair smiles before receiving root canal therapy at Signature Smiles Dental

Many patients believe that root canal treatment causes excruciating pain. However, at Signature Smiles Dental in Streetsboro and Elyria, OH, root canal therapy is virtually painless. Its purpose is actually to decrease your oral pain, treat infection, and prevent tooth loss. Read on to learn what you can expect if you need root canal treatment!

Root Canal Therapy Overview

First and foremost, please know that our team only recommends root canal therapy when we determine it necessary to preserve your tooth.

During the procedure, we will use special tools to access the innermost layer, called the pulp, of the affected tooth. We will remove any damaged or decayed portions; clean the area of infection, bacteria, and debris; and fill it with a replacement pulp. We may then need to top your tooth with a custom-crafted dental crown for protection and to restore its function.

Pain Management

Modern dental sedation and anesthetics allow us to keep you comfortable and relaxed throughout your procedure. In addition to having the affected area numbed, you may benefit from our sedation dentistry options to reduce your pain and anxiety.

We will discuss your needs and concerns prior to your procedure to determine the right dental sedation for you. For instance, we could prescribe a sedative pill that you take before you arrive at our office on the day of your appointment. Nitrous oxide is another option. You wear a nose mask and breathe in a sweet-smelling gas, which helps you remain relaxed during the procedure.

After your root canal treatment, you can relieve any discomfort with an over-the-counter analgesic, such as acetaminophen. Most patients don’t require any medication stronger than this to decrease their discomfort. Be sure to follow the medication’s directions, as well as any guidelines our team provides at your appointment.

We offer gentle root canal therapy in Streetsboro & Elyria, OH.

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