Is Sedation Dentistry Safe?

Sedation dentistry consists of a practitioner giving you sedation to make dental visits easier and less stressful for you. Check out our blog post where we take a closer look at sedation dentistry, including how safe it is.

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young woman in the dentist's chair undergoing sedation dentistry Sedation dentistry consists of a practitioner giving you sedation to make dental visits easier and less stressful for you. The dentist gives you a sedative, so you’re calm during your procedure. At Signature Smiles Dental, serving Elyria, Streetsboro, and the nearby Ohio regions, we offer the option of sedation dentistry. You may wonder how safe it is, though.

Who Benefits from Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is an option for people who have a fear of the dentist. It can make the process more comfortable, so you can receive the treatments you need. This solution makes it possible for people who avoid the dentist due to dental anxiety to get the care necessary to keep their teeth healthy. In addition, sedation dentistry could be a solution for you to achieve optimal oral health and prevent more serious problems in the future. While it’s not standard, if you have an immense fear of the dentist, we may provide you with a sedative for routine cleaning and examinations if absolutely necessary.

Safety of Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry can give you the ability to calmly sit in a dentist’s chair and receive the care you need. In terms of the safety of the medications, most people can handle them well. Some people with certain health conditions may not be able to use them safely, though. That’s why our dentist will thoroughly evaluate your medical history before deeming sedation dentistry for you. Nitrous oxide is one sedation option, and it’s safe for most patients, even children. Your dentist will make sure you receive it at the proper dose to decrease your risk of side effects. Some people may experience nausea or dizziness from a sedative. After the procedure, you could experience drowsiness. These symptoms subside as the sedation wears off. Nausea and headaches could happen as well. You also need to do your part and follow the instructions your dentist gives you if you’re given an oral sedative that you need to take before you come to the office. You might also be given instructions about when you should refrain from eating or drinking, depending on the type of sedation.

Sedation Dentistry at Signature Smiles Dental

Signature Smiles Dental wants you to visit the dentist as recommended and for oral health problems. Therefore, we make it as easy for you as possible by offering the option of sedation dentistry. Book an appointment for any procedure you’ve been putting off by calling Signature Smiles Dental, serving Elyria, Streetsboro, and the surrounding Ohio regions, at: Streetsboro – 330-423-6779 Elyria – 440-281-8031

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